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Mobile phone tracking is not just about having GPS in your phone Mobile phone tracking is possible with any cell phone whether it has a GPS unit or not. That is because the entire process is based on radio signals that take place whether you are making a call or not. These radio signals are known as GMS and are the roaming signals that make their way to bounce of the nearest antenna towers. By contrast GPS signals are based on signal structures that are bouncing information from your phone from satellites to antenna towers and then naming your location.

Mobile positioning is the name used by telecommunication companies to describe services that tell you the location of a cell phone, and therefore, also the cell phone user. Most people nowadays are aware that they can be tracked by their cell phone if it is on and will shut it off or take the battery out so they cannot be found.

There are basically four different types of systems that are found in cell phones that can be used to track a person down: network, handset, SIM and Hybrid phones.

  • In the case of a network based phones the phone is located using radio signals from local antenna towers. This is known as the triangulation method of pinpointing the position of a cell phone. It is the least accurate way to find a phone and is used by 911 workers to locate people during an emergency mostly.
  • Handset-based technology requires the owner of the phone to have installed some kind technology on the phone in order for it to be found. It must be GPS or Geo-Overlay enabled. Not all phones can run this type of hardware but typically operating symptoms like Android, Windows, Mobile, Blackberry, OS, iPhone and Symbian all have the ability to run installed GPS apps and software.
  • SIM-based handsets contain raw radio signals in the handset making the unit (and whoever is holding it) very easy to find. The Sim-based handset contains something called a GSM cell ID which is a unique number that can be identified by an antenna and used to by a base receiver station to locate the phone.
  • Hybrid phones use a combination of GPS of network and handset technologies to help locate the position of the phone.

If you want to be found this way then the four major apps that can best help your location be pinpointed exactly are Google Latitude, Mologogo, Instamapper and Buddyway. If you are trying to track someone cheating on your or find out where a fibbing teenager is really going after school it really helps to install these services on their phone. The presence of any of these application will make it that much easier for any mobile cell phone tracking service to accurately track the location of the phone.

There are many family websites, company websites and social bookmarking websites that allow you to upload the location of a phone so you can keep track of a loved one's location and position at all times.